Jeff Cobb on Boom of The Indie Circuit

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Jeff Cobb on Boom of The Indie Circuit

At one point, a wrestler had to make it to the WWE to make a very good living. No other promotion could pay as well as the WWE could, but that all changed a few years back. Indie promotions are now doing quite well and are able to pay a handsome amount to its wrestlers.

Jeff Cobb currently works for Ring of Honor, which is a famous indie promotion. He spoke on the WINCLY podcast about the rise of the indie wrestling scene and how the WWE is no longer the end-all goal for most wrestlers. “Hust the boom in the independent scene, and the boom overseas, and the boom in Japan, and all these other big companies popping up: Ring of Honor is doing great work, Impact is doing great work, MLW is doing great work, and now All Elite Wrestling pops up and they're doing great work as well, so, you have options now, and it's definitely a great time to be a professional wrestler.

Especially if you're putting in the work and you're grinding it out there. The cream rises to the top, so, eventually, I feel like there are going to be places for everyone to work and make a good living,” stated Cobb.

The WWE is fully aware of this and are trying their best to keep its most famous wrestlers with them. The WWE reported that it lost money this year, and that can be due to the fact that other wrestling promotions deliver a better product now.