Jeff Cobb Praises ROH's Management

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Jeff Cobb Praises ROH's Management
Jeff Cobb Praises ROH's Management (Provided by Wrestling World)

Since the WWE is the largest wrestling promotion of the world, only the best wrestlers of the world are hired by them. Since there is a lot of competition within the company, the WWE’s management cannot keep everybody happy.

That is the reason why some famous indie wrestlers struggle inside the WWE. They fail to reach the top of the company and eventually leave it. Some indie wrestling promotions work really hard and try to keep everyone happy. Ring of Honor is one of those promotions, according to its wrestlers.

Ring of Honor is now popular and they pay their wrestlers well. Of course, not every wrestler is happy inside Ring of Honor, but most are. Jeff Cobb was on the WINCLY podcast and he went out his way to praise the Ring of Honor management.

He stated that the promotion is very creative in the way it handles its talents. He stated that wrestlers are given bullet points and are not given scripts. "[ROH management] is very receptive on feedback from what the talent's perspective is," Cobb said.

"Usually, if we have a promo, they're not going over verbatim word-for-word what I need to say. Because that's definitely not the way I would say something or serve a promo. So, I'll get a text message the day before or something that says, 'Hey, this is the gist of the promos.

Hit these bullet points.' And then they trust the talent in where we can get the point across in the way we would deliver a certain promo."

Jeff Cobb