Jeff Cobb on Ring of Honor's Open Door Policy

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Jeff Cobb on Ring of Honor's Open Door Policy

The WWE is a very large organization. Wrestlers need to go through an procedure before they can meet Vince McMahon. The WWE doesn’t allow most of its wrestlers to simply walk into Vince McMahon’s office. That is usually not a good thing, as wrestlers cannot present ideas to Vince directly.

Jon Moxley spoke about the whole procedure in detail on Chris Jericho’s podcast once. According to him, it is extremely difficult to approach Vince McMahon. Indie promotions do not work like the WWE. They have rules but they are lenient and indie promotions do not have overly scripted promos.

Wrestlers are free to present their ideas and use their own creativity in promos as well. Jeff Cobb is a Ring of Honor wrestler and he was a guest on the WINCLY podcast. On the podcast, he explained about Ring of Honor’s open door policy.

He stated that it is very useful for wrestlers and they can present their ideas to the management anytime they wish. "There's always an open door policy there," Cobb explained. "If you have questions, concern or whatnot, they're more than helpful and listen to you, which I think is wonderful.

Like, there's not 45 people or 45 steps that I have to get through to get my question answered. It's pretty much, like, 'Where's so-and-so?' 'Over there.' 'Well, can I talk to him?' And then we're good to go."