Jon Moxley on Giving NJPW a shot

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Jon Moxley on Giving NJPW a shot

A number of former WWE Wrestlers have given NJPW a shot. Most of the former WWE stars did not manage to make it to the top of the WWE, but some of them got famous in Japan. WWE often gives an offer to its former stars that do well in Japan.

That is always a good thing and many wrestlers did better in the WWE during their second run. There are many famous wrestlers that continue to work for NJPW and do not even think about joining the WWE. NJPW is at the moment one of the largest and most well-known professional wrestling promotions in the world.

They regularly partner with other indie wrestling promotions and put out a good product which makes them a lot of money. Jon Moxley recently participated in some NJPW events. He spoke about following his All Elite Wrestling colleagues in an interview with NJPW.

"I tried to follow [his colleagues]. When you travel in WWE, you're kind of in a bubble and it's difficult to follow along, but I did watch what I could," Moxley explained. "Then, when I knew I was leaving - Japan in general was definitely on my bucket list.

I wanted to have a good run in Japan, and of course NJPW was the goal. So when I got the call from them, I was just like, 'let's go, put me on the airplane'