Jon Moxley on Shinsuke Nakamura

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Jon Moxley on Shinsuke Nakamura

A number of popular WWE superstars became famous in Japan. Japan has New Japan Pro Wrestling which is one of the most popular wrestling promotions in the world. NJPW is also a place where former WWE wrestlers got famous. They then received an offer from the WWE as the WWE wanted to cash-in on their fame.

NJPW relies on talented wrestlers and they tell the story in the ring. They do not have overly scripted promos like the ones in the WWE. NJPW regularly partners with other famous indie wrestling promotions as well and deliver good products all over the world.

Jon Moxley is currently working for All Elite Wrestling, but he also allowed to participate in NJPW events that are held outside of the U.S. Jon Moxley spoke about Shinsuke Nakamura during an interview with NJPW. Nakamura was a famous NJPW wrestler, but he now works for the WWE and is actually successful there.

"Well, Shinsuke Nakamura is in WWE and doing very well. I never got to wrestle him sadly, but he heard that I was likely going over to be in the G1, and he was very pleased," Moxley said. "[He] said it was a great life experience.

Karl Anderson, who I've actually been friends with since I was 18, since we're both from Cincinnati, I asked him about the G1. A few others as well, and everybody was great and said, 'yeah, go for it'"