Mark Briscoe Reflects on Challenges During Sinclair's ROH Tenure

Exploring the transformative eras of Ring of Honor.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mark Briscoe Reflects on Challenges During Sinclair's ROH Tenure
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Mark Briscoe, the ROH World Champion, carries a profound connection with the promotion, a legacy that began alongside his late brother Jay, with both being the inaugural inductees into the ROH Hall of Fame. His tenure has spanned various administrative epochs, notably the early days of Sinclair Broadcast Group's stewardship—a period that has drawn mixed reactions from the wrestling community.

During a recent segment on "Busted Open Radio," Briscoe addressed the Sinclair era's influence on ROH. Despite some fans' vocal criticisms, Briscoe maintained a steadfast belief in the promotion's trajectory. "I never doubted the future of Ring of Honor," he asserted.

"We always had an amazing roster, which was a testament to the strength and resilience of our team." While praising the ROH roster and former COO Joe Koff, Briscoe acknowledged that the Sinclair era had its challenges. "Joe was an outstanding leader.

However, despite the best efforts of the Sinclair executives, there was a palpable sense that the spirit of ROH was somewhat constrained during their tenure." This period also saw wrestlers under exclusive contracts, which limited their participation in independent wrestling events, potentially stifling the growth and exposure of talent accustomed to a freer wrestling circuit.

ROH's Wrestling Revolution

Reflecting on ROH's historical significance, Briscoe likened the promotion to a revolutionary force that filled the void left by the dissolution of ECW and WCW. "Ring of Honor represented a new revolution in wrestling, but there were moments during the Sinclair era when it felt as if we were losing our essence," he shared, revealing the internal conflicts that occasionally surfaced.

Despite previous challenges, Briscoe expressed optimism about ROH's future under the management of Tony Khan, who also oversees AEW. Criticism aside, he sees a continuation of the promotion's legacy of perseverance and excellence in wrestling.

"Every iteration of Ring of Honor has been defined by its resilience. We've consistently delivered spectacular wrestling, irrespective of external conditions," Briscoe emphasized. As ROH transitions into this new chapter, Briscoe's outlook remains positive: "We're in good hands.

Things are looking up, and the spirit of ROH is alive and thriving under Tony Khan's leadership." Mark Briscoe's journey with ROH, from its nascent stages under Sinclair to its current revival, underscores a narrative of enduring commitment to the sport—a sentiment that resonates deeply with both wrestlers and fans alike.