Rush Comments on Andrade

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Rush Comments on Andrade

A number of popular WWE Superstars that are present in the locker room right now are actually former indie stars. Some current WWE stars spent years working on the indie circuit before they joined the WWE. The WWE is the end-goal for most indie stars, although some choose to stay out of it.

Many WWE superstars have worked with famous indie stars before they joined the WWE. Some of them know each other very well. Many famous WWE stars used to work for indie promotions such as Ring of Honor and NJPW. Ring of Honor was at one time even CM Punk’s home.

Recently ROH star, Rush commented on Andrade. He was interviewed by Sports Illustrated. "Andrade has had his way in WWE, and will be their biggest star. He will always be part of Los Ingobernables, which is represented all over the world, and we will always be connected in blood.

At some point, we will be back together again,” said Rush. He also spoke about his upcoming match against Flip Gordon. "I'm not impressed by Flip or any other fighter. We'll see where destiny will take me, and I work every day to reach the highest pinnacle of this industry.

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks will happen–nothing happens unless I say so. I am El Toro Blanco, and I will be the next Ring of Honor champion,” said Rush.