Matt Taven speaks about the recent turnover in talent in ROH

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Matt Taven speaks about the recent turnover in talent in ROH

Matt Taven has competed in Ring of Honor since 2012, most recently as a member of The Kingdom, as well as performing across the Northeastern United States independent circuit. Taven was the winner of ROH's 2013 Top Prospect Tournament, is a former one-time World Television Champion, one-time ROH World Tag Team Champion with Michael Bennett and one-third of the first ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions.

Taven has also worked for the Japanese promotion New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he is a former one-time IWGP Tag Team Champion with Bennett. Taven is also the second wrestler to win titles in ROH, CMLL and NJPW after Rocky Romero.

In a recent interview with CBS Sports, Taven spoke about the recent turnover in talent in ROH: “I think they did a great first step after the roster turnover by adding guys to the roster that are going to be so beneficial for the future of Ring of Honor.

The Banditos of the world, so young and so talented. RUSH, who’s an international star. PJ Black who’s been successful on many different stages. PCO, Mark Haskins, “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams. They did such a good job with adding fresh faces that now fans can see brand new matchups they’ve never seen before.

[They can] really get a taste of guys who they might have only heard of or have only seen here and there, now [they] are given a big spotlight. With so many talented guys in the wrestling world in general, grabbing such highly touted free agents was a great first step.

Something that will really guide us moving forward is appealing to all of these different fan bases with an international flavor."