Alberto El Patron on Health Insurance

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Alberto El Patron on Health Insurance

Professional Wrestling is a very risky profession! Some wrestlers broke their necks while performing in the ring and were confined to a wheel chair. Former WWE wrestlers that have worked with the company for a long time often tell stories about how they had to wrestle while being injured.

It is true though that he WWE does offer medical treatment to its wrestlers, after they get seriously injured, but don’t offer health insurance. Alberto el Patron, who was known as Alberto Del Rio in the WWE, is going to soon launch is own wrestling promotion.

He spoke about WWE’s doctors with the Miami Herald. "Most of the companies, including WWE, they have their own doctors," Patron claimed. "They don't provide you with health insurance. They force you to get your own health insurance.

If you don't get you own insurance, you're not allowed to perform. If anything happens in their shows, yes you're completely covered, which I think is the only company doing that. Me, I remember having a terrible injury about eight years ago and they took care of everything.

I think they're the only company doing that but they don't actually provide you with health insurance. They're just covered in their events." Due to the very tough travel schedule that the WWE imposes on its wrestlers, most wrestlers do not get a chance to recover from injuries.