The Allure on Delaying Their Debut

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The Allure on Delaying Their Debut

A number of popular indie superstars exist on the indie circuit. Some of those superstars never joined the WWE even though they had a chance and were offered good deals. Those indie superstars believe that the WWE might ruin their characters or not give them the opportunities that they truly deserve.

Many former WWE superstars are now part of Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor is a popular indie wrestling promotion and a number of highly talented people are a part of it. The Allure is a faction of Ring of Honor and it consists of Angelia Love, Mandy Leon and Velvet Sky.

They joined Ring of Honor and debuted for the promotion about 3 months later. They recently spoke about why they delayed their debut in a recent interview with ROH’s Kevin Eck. This is what they said about delaying their debut.

Velvet Sky: "Because coming in and wrestling on Day 1 is lame. Where's the excitement in that? Ever hear of storytelling? Guess this fan base should get familiar." Angelina Love: "We always said we would decide the time and the place and that's exactly what we've done.

We could take as much or as little time as we want. We've just been enjoying putting everyone on blast." Mandy Leon: "Exactly. The Allure decides when and where. Period." It is true that Ring of Honor is a promotion that relies heavily on storytelling, but most of their storytelling is done in the ring.