Davey Boy Smith Jr. On Leaving NJPW

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Davey Boy Smith Jr. On Leaving NJPW

Dave Boy Smith Jr. is also known as Harry Smith. In Mid-June he announced that he will no longer be part of New Japan Pro Wrestling. He began working for the Japanese promotion back in 2005 and then again in 2012. He would then be off for seven years.

Smith was on The Hannibal TV recently. He stated that many factors contributed to him leaving. He stated that decreasing the workload couldn’t really work for him. He also worked for a long-time with Lance Archer but lack of communication was a problem for him.

Management was also another factor for his decision. "I was in a situation where I couldn't win," Smith said regarding receiving fewer dates. "New Japan towards the end were only giving me four tours a year.

What they had told me or expressed to me was that there was no way they could increase the workload of KES, Lance Archer and myself as a tag team." Smith admitted that he wanted to do a lot in his career with the NJPW.

He wanted his fans to realize that he had his back against the wall. Smith stated that his choice to leave the NJPW was the best one. "It was a business decision that I had to make for my future," Smith stated. " I felt that the tag team with Lance Archer and myself had expired, and we did all that we could in Japan and in the USA, because we are just not that very well known over here or Canada as a tag team."