Jeff Cobb on ROH Being in A Good Spot

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Jeff Cobb on ROH Being in A Good Spot

Jeff Cobb is currently working for Ring of Honor as a wrestler. He is a former ROH TV Champion. He is currently participating in the NJPW G1. He was a guest at CBS local, and spoke about ROH’s current status. Cobb was asked by CBS about the state of the promotion.

He believes that ROH is actually not in a bad spot at all. It is true that ROH has lost some of its best and most famous stars over the past few weeks. "I think we're in a good spot," Cobb said. A lot of people kind of have their naysayers, as when we had a core group of guys leave, and that's totally fine," he added.

Every major sport has had that. Every major wrestling company has had that. Like LeBron left, 'What we going to do?' So you start rebuilding. When they got Kyrie [Irving] and Kevin Love and all this.' He also admitted that losing key wrestlers didn’t really help the company.

"So I think for that, in the short term, it's not good," Cobb admitted. But in the long-term, it's beneficial, because now we have a new influx of talent coming in, like myself included, guys like Bandido, and RUSH, and Dragon Lee, and Brody King, and PCO, and all those guys. Now they're stepping up into more prominent roles. And now, we're giving our ring a modern audience”.