ROH Wrestler, ACH to Join WWE?

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ROH Wrestler, ACH to Join WWE?

Renewing contracts and re-signing top talent, is quite a tough task for a promotion! As wrestlers get more famous, so do their demands. It isn’t easy for any promotion to re-sign a wrestler that demands too much now, is it? That is why promotions such as Ring of Honor, sometimes fail to re-sign their top talents.

The wrestlers that are released often end up in bigger promotions, especially if they are famous or already have a fan following. A few ROH wrestlers will leave the company at the end of this year, as their contracts are expiring.

WWE is especially interested in signing ACH. ACH will leave ROH at the end of this year, and will end up in NXT, according to PWInsider. ACH was in negotiations with ROH about a new contract, but the negotiations fizzled out.

Another wrestler that may become a free agent soon is Silas Young. Young told Wrestling INC recently that his contract is expiring this year as well. He also confirmed that many other ROH wrestlers’ contracts are expiring as well.

For ROH fans, this is good news or bad news, depending on what type of fan you are. For those that wish to see their favorite wrestlers wrestle in bigger promotions, it is good news. For fans that want to see their favorite stars remain loyal to their promotion, it is bad news.