Super J-Cup First Entrants Announced

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Super J-Cup First Entrants Announced

New Japan Pro Wrestling will be holding their Super J-Cup 2019 tournament soon. They recently announced the names of the first three entrants. SHO, Dragon Lee, and TJP will be entering the tournament and are the first three wrestlers announced for the event.

NJPW revealed that 13 other wrestlers will take part in the tournament. The names of the 13 wrestlers have not been announced yet, but NJPW stated that the names will be announced in the coming weeks leading up to the J-Cup 2019.

The Super J-Cup 2016 took place in 2016, and that was the last Super J-Cup Tournament held by NJPW. Kushida won that tournament. He is no longer part of the NJPW, but he was one of their biggest stars. The Super J-Cup 2019 will start on the 22nd of August in Tacoma, Washington.

It will take place inside the Temple Theater. Unlike The WWE, Ring of Honor and All Elite Wrestling, NJPW is a wrestling promotion that holds tournaments. Some of these tournaments are important for indie wrestlers. Wrestlers that win NJPW tournaments attract the attention of bigger promotion such as the WWE.

Many famous NJPW stars got signed by the WWE in the past. Many former WWE wrestlers signed with NJPW and got famous there in the past as well. NJPW is not a small wrestling promotion. They have produced some of the best wrestlers of the world in the past as well.