MLW and Pro Wrestling NOAH's partnership

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MLW and Pro Wrestling NOAH's partnership

Major League Wrestling recently announced that they are partnering with another indie wrestling promotion called Pro Wrestling NOAH. Court Bauer, current CEO of MLW, confirmed this new relationship between the two indie promotions.

They will also be allowed to exchange talents and collaborate for content. PWInsider reported that NOAH and MLW made a deal about three weeks ago. Bauer was in Japan at that time. The report stated that the talks for the relationship began when GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, Minoru Tanaka went looking for work in the United States.

Tanaka started working for the MLW in April. KENTA, Minoru Suzuki, Taiji Ishimori, and Hiroshi Tanahashi are former NOAH wrestlers. Even though it isn’t as famous as Ring of Honor, NJPW or All Elite Wrestling, it has still produced a few notable wrestlers, such as the ones mentioned here.

Indie wrestling promotions often team up. They can’t possibly beat the bigger promotions on their own. They also need famous wrestling stars to work for them, otherwise they start losing money. Most of the best wrestlers get taken by the WWE anyway.

It is extremely difficult for indie wrestling promotions to keep hold of their best wrestlers. MLW itself isn’t very well known, but it has produced a few notable wrestlers as well. MLW is led by Court Bauer who is well-known in the professional wrestling industry.