TJP NJPW Throwback for Super J-Cup

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TJP NJPW Throwback for Super J-Cup

TJP posted on Instagram recently. It was a throwback to honor NJPW’s Super J-Cup. NJPW will be conducting a brand new Super J-Cup tournament. His post was a clip of his NJPW debut. He debuted in 2002. He was about 18 years old at that time.

He also stated that he always wanted to be part of NJPW’s Junior Heavyweight/Cruiserweight history. His post read: “#flashbackfriday #fbf With the announcement from @njpw1972for the #superjcup2019 I thought this would make for a fun #FlashBackFriday debut in #NJPW back in 2002 shortly after my 18th birthday.

@reyesnunez26 and @azucarroc also made their NJPW debut in the same match, and later that night @bryanldanielson made his NJPW debut as well. It was always my dream to be part of Junior heavyweight/Cruiserweight history. Specifically because of the Super J Cups and the @njpw1972 Junior heavyweight division”.

Rick Romero and Ricky Reyes were part of the same match and made their debuts in that match. Daniel Bryan also made his WWE debut on that day. TJP was with NJPW from 2002 to 2005. He was known as Pinoy Boy. He made his NJPW return after spending time away in 2011.

He participated in the Best of the Super Juniors then. As reported, SHO and Dragon Lee are the first wrestlers that were announced for the Super J-Cup. NJPW will announce the names of the other wrestlers that will take part in the Super J-Cup in the coming weeks.