Alex Shelley on Being Homeless After ROH Exit

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Alex Shelley on Being Homeless After ROH Exit

Alex Shelly was part of the 10 Question With…. Column that is a product of Ring of Honor. Shelly spoke about being homeless after he left Ring of Honor. Alex announced that he will retire from professional wrestling last year.

He is a very competitive professional wrestler. He spoke about the troubles that he faced after leaving Ring of Honor. "Again, full transparency: I went through a lot of life changes when I left ROH," Shelley admitted.

"I got divorced, I was homeless, no income, I was paying for school and working for free, and I had some dark, dark days. Helping people is on my bucket list. I'd like to go back to school again, maybe for psychology this time.

Pain management is a huge up and coming field, so is sports psych, and to bring this answer full circle, I'd like to be able to help people not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. And maybe charm them with my rapier, Oscar Wilde wit.

Laughter is a solid medicine." He was part of a Ring of Honor taping that took place in 29th June in Philadelphia. He will be taking on Matt Taven on the 9th of August for the ROH World Champion. The match will take place at Summer Supercard in Toronto, Ontario. Indie wrestlers usually struggle after leaving a big promotion.