Kickboxer Joins Professional Wrestling

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Kickboxer Joins Professional Wrestling

Kickboxing is a brutal sport. Knockouts can occur and fighters get their noses broken quite often. Kickboxing matches can become very bloody! Unfortunately, kickboxing is not very popular in the US. Professional wrestling is definitely more popular, and Kickboxers do not make a good amount of money in the US.

Professional wrestlers make much more than kickboxers, especially the ones in the WWE. That is why, some kickboxers quite kickboxing and join professional wrestling. Recently, Douglas James joined Major League Wrestling. James is an undefeated kickboxer and he is also an MMA fighter.

He is from Los Angeles. James received training from Eddie Bravo. Eddie is the founder of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu school and master of the rubber guard system. Being a student of Eddie Brave, James will most likely be able to pull off fantastic wrestling moves.

James is also a former no-gi jujitsu world champion. He uses the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu moves to catch his opponents by surprise. James is one of the top prospects in the California pro-wrestling scene. MLW CEO, Court Bauer, spoke about his recent acquisition of James by writing saying, “DJ is the evolution of what it is to be a hybrid professional wrestler."

James will be making his debut on the 7th of September for MLW. The MLW event will take place at the NYTEX Sports Center.