The Bouncers on Wanting to Win Tag Titles

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The Bouncers on Wanting to Win Tag Titles

The Bouncers currently work for Ring of Honor. They are old-school wrestlers and do not rely on high flying/acrobatic moves to entertain the fans. They just use sheer brute force and maul their opponents. They recently spoke to Wrestling Inc.

and stated that they don’t only want to be known as powerhouses. They were asked about their Ring of Honor goals. "Definitely tag team gold," replied Beer City Bruiser. "We've wrestled The Briscoes…and had a hell of a match with them for the tag team titles.

That's definitely No. 1 on our list. The Kingdom, they're mad because we like to have fun and drink but they're gonna find out the hard way that when you hit us with chairs and put a cigar out on my chest, it kind of pisses us off.

And you don't wanna piss off a drunk guy. So once we finish with them, then definitely the tag team gold." Even though Ring of Honor is not as big as the WWE, the wrestling fans that want to see high quality professional wrestling matches without the drama that is usually associated with the WWE usually go there.

It is also a place where former WWE stars like CM Punk got famous and helped the WWE generate millions of dollars after they joined it. Ring of Honor still has a bunch of extremely talented wrestlers.