Danny Cage on State of Ring of Honor

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Danny Cage on State of Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor may not be as big as the WWE, but they certainly produce some of the best wrestlers in the world. CM Punk is a product of Ring of Honor, and some people consider him to be the best heel wrestlers in WWE History.

Bret Hart himself stated that he loved seeing CM Punk wrestle. Ring of Honor does not have the star power is once had, and lost some big stars like Cody Rhodes at the end of last year. Danny Cage is a well-known indie wrestling coaches that recently spoke about Ring of Honor on the WINCLY podcast.

"I haven't had any contact with them since May. I was done coaching there in March but since they advertised the show I told them I'd like them to still have the show here in April," said Cage. "I let somebody else produce it even though when I was there, what was put in my hands was, 'You're gonna write, produce and put together all of the Future of Honor stuff.'

I did like four or five shows and then the night before the last show, there was a taping and 11 out of the 13 matches were changed and not just outcomes, but different people in them. "I was like, 'Yeah, I think we're done here.'

Since then I haven't talked to them at all. If it was it was just to talk interest. There were talks of possibly bringing me back, but that door's closed for good….Something would need to change and I don't see it changing."