Dalton Castle on Success of Boy's Night Out


Dalton Castle on Success of Boy's Night Out

Dalton Castle has a very unique gimmick and that has made him quite famous on the indie circuit. He has wrestled some of the best wrestlers of the world at various indie promotions. He is neither a heel nor a baby face. He is also an extremely funny guy and can cut extremely interesting promos.

Dalton was pretty unsuccessful in his recent outing. He performed at the G1 Supercard, and was beaten by RUSH in under 17 seconds. He spoke to Wrestling INC, about it. “I'm not ashamed of that because RUSH is a dirty, rotten cheater.

I make one mistake by trusting that somebody who I thought was a respectable wrestler to follow the rules and they do not do that. So that was my bad. My bad! I took my eye off a cheater." He was successful with a “Boy’s Night Out”, which had a few stand-up comedy routines.

It took place in his hometown of Rochester. "It was a huge success; it was two weeks ago. The show was in Rochester, New York and I came out here to Toronto yesterday and got invited to do some improv for Two Strikes and that was another gigantic success," said Castle.

"I think you're seeing the common theme here: when you see success, normally Dalton Castle is right there with it. Hair up or down, it's still gonna be fun”.

Dalton Castle