David McLane on WOW's Show

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David McLane on WOW's Show

David McLane is the founder of Women of Wrestling which is known as WOW. David was also the founder of Glorious Women of Wrestling which was known as GLOW. GLOW is now a Netflix series which is loosely based on the real promotion.

McLane was part of a media call that was organized by Wrestling Inc. He believes that WOW’s show will be different from the rest of the competition and will stand out. He wants WOW to be family-oriented. Other promotions are currently focused on impressing the male audience.

"In terms of differences, there's not much production-wise but there'll be a clear [difference] when you look at the audiences and the spectators that are coming to the WOW events. And maybe it's more because I'm in the forest, I've seen it, but we've seen it gradual, but it's very noticeable on this upcoming season that starts on the 7th [of September]," McLane said.

"There's a lot more women coming to WOW events and there's a lot more kids coming. And the first two rows - I was amazed - were filled with kids at the last event. To me, that's what has been missing in wrestling”.

WOW has some serious competition these days, even though some of the best indie female wrestlers work for the promotion. AEW, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling are doing pretty well these days.