GLOW Owner on Being Praised by Ric Flair

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GLOW Owner on Being Praised by Ric Flair

There are plenty of casual wrestling fans that do not know about Women of Wrestling. Many don’t even know that it exists. Only the very old hardcore wrestling fans know about it, and Glorious Women of Wrestling, which was founded by David McLane.

Women of Wrestling is also owned by David McLane and he is hopeful that WOW shows will stand out from the rest of the competition. David McLane is not very well-known, but he managed to sign some of the best indie female wrestlers in the world for his promotion.

Back when GLOW was a thing, he once received praise by legendary WWE wrestler, Ric Flair. Ric liked his idea. "Ric Flair came up to me in the locker room one night and he looked at me and he goes, 'Holy smokes! You're David McLane - I watch you on TV in different hotel rooms all the time when I travel.'

And I said, 'Yes.' And so we started talking and he was the veteran, the superstar of wrestling at that time saying, 'Wow, you really did something so inventive to do what you did [with GLOW]..”. GLOW was not successful, but David has stars like Tessa Blanchard working for him.

That is why, there is hope for him. He might not become as big as All Elite Wrestling or the WWE soon, but he might eventually create an interesting product.