Lance Archer On Showing New Side

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Lance Archer On Showing New Side

Lance Archer is one of the many stars that belong to New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is one of the top wrestling promotions of the world. Just like many NJPW stars, Lance has a unique character. NJPW’s wrestling style is pretty unique as they focus on strong style, which is a brutal wrestling form.

In that style, wrestlers are allowed to hit each other really hard. It almost looks like it is real, and that is why some WWE superstars that went to NJPW enjoyed working there. Golberg was even a part of NJPW once. Lance participated in the G1 Climax PPV event.

He was given the rare opportunity to revitalize his character and he took full advantage of it. "It was really cool because it was actually not my first one - I've been a part of five [G1 Climaxes] now. I did four in a row 2011, '12, '13, and '14.

I did about a five-year hiatus but was brought back into it. Being with New Japan for the last eight years, it was really cool because it was kind of a resurgence, a chance to reinvent, to reestablish," Archer said. "To kind of tell people, 'This is who the 'American Psycho' Lance Archer is.

Not who you thought I was, but this is who I am now and who I am going forward.' ” Lance Archer is still working as one of the top NJPW stars in the promotion.