Nick Aldis on TNA Backstage Environment

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Nick Aldis on TNA Backstage Environment

Most of the famous wrestlers of the world work for many different promotions during the course of their careers. That is because promotions know that those wrestlers can help them make loads of money. Sometimes, famous wrestlers are forced to join smaller promotions after they are released.

The smaller promotions always welcome them of course. The problem is, most small wrestling promotions cannot pay famous wrestlers well. Nick Aldis is a former TNA star. He currently works for NWA and is their World Champion. He was on the This is the NWA podcast where he spoke about his time in TNA.

He joined TNA in 2000 and left in 2008. He spoke about TNA’s backstage environment. He revealed that many former WWE superstars found the TNA backstage to be very calm and the wrestlers did not have to deal with the politics that was so prevalent in the WWE.

"The atmosphere backstage was always great! Obviously we had a very WCW-esque approach in the sense of like 'Oh, this guy's leaving WWE? Cool! Let's give him a job.' There was some of that in the water supply, but all I would hear from all of those guys was about how much tension and how careful they had to be at WWE, how much politics there was backstage, but how here at TNA they loved it because everybody was just going about their business”.