Juice Robinson on the IWGP US Title

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Juice Robinson on the IWGP US Title

Juice Robinson was with NJPW to talk about the IWGP US Heavyweight title earlier this week. Juice is a former 2 times IWGP US Heavyweight Champion. He won his first IWGP US Heavyweight Title in 2018 at the G1 Special in San Francisco.

He won his second title at the Wrestle Kingdom 13 event. That event took place on the 4th of January. 2019. Jon Moxley was the one that ended his reign by beating him in June. Juice explained in an interview that he was the only real champion that defended the title.

He used Jon Moxley as an example. He stated that a champion has to defend his title and keep the fans happy. The fans want to see a defending champion. "He limped out and they canceled it. That's not what a champion is.

And what's Moxley done? Sat on his ass, getting his triceps stapled up. Injuries happen, but at least when I had that belt I defended it as much as I could. I was on the road up and down Japan, a fighting champion, and damn it, I should be the champion again.

Forever. When you think of titles, you think of people. Like when you think of Ricky Steamboat you think of him as an Intercontinental Champion. Think of the IWGP title and you think of Okada, or Tanahashi. I want people to think of me when they think of the US Championship."