Main Event for Wrestle Kingdom 14 Is Set

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Main Event for Wrestle Kingdom 14 Is Set

Besides the WWE, there are many other smaller wrestling promotions that do good business in the U.S. and even outside the U.S. The promotions are not very well known. Some of them are, and the WWE takes such promotions very seriously.

They hire the wrestlers of famous indie promotions and damage the promotions. That is one of the reasons why, indie promotions do not like the WWE. Wrestle Kingdom is a very well known indie wrestling event. The event is usually organized by NJPW which is also a very famous indie wrestling promotion.

NJPW has produced some fantastic wrestlers in the past. Some of them are now WWE legends. Many WWE stars have also performed in NJPW. That is where some of them grew. NJPW held the King of Pro Wrestling PPV event recently. Kazuchika Okada defeated SANDA and retained his IWGP Heavyweight Title during the event.

Kofta Ibushi won in his match against EVIL and retained his right to fight at Wrestle Kingdom 14 for the title. Ibushi won the right to compete for the title by winning the G1 Climax. At the end of the show, Okada felt that his Wrestle Kingdom 14 match was definitely going to happen and he called out Ibushi.

After they both met in the ring, they challenged each other for a match. Okada and Ibushi will face each other on the 4th of January at the Tokyo Dome.