Angelina Love Sends a Message to ROH Fans

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Angelina Love Sends a Message to ROH Fans

Ring of Honor might not be as popular as the WWE, but they are very well-known for producing awesome wrestlers. Ring of Honor focuses on telling the story that happens in the ring. They do not rely on scripts and backstage segments as much as the WWE does.

Pure professional wrestling fans love Ring of Honor. Angelina Love is one of the most used ROH wrestlers. The fans sometimes pick on her appearance though. She also has a very unique wrestling attire which makes her look dangerous and pretty at the same time.

She posted a message to her fans on Twitter recently, who made negative comments about her appearance. “So here I am, a 7 time World Champion and I've got a guy in Vegas yelling out a comment that I only weigh 7 lbs and then tonight in New Orleans another dude questioning how I could do anything wrestling wise because I only weight 80 lbs.

Hmmm...I thought looks don't matter? Huh? You get pissed off that The Allure come and take over the company looking like girls who dissed your lame a--es in high school and that's all you cared about. You guys are whack.

Well, let me tell you something, if an 80-pound dumbbell was dropped on your head you'd be knocked the fu--ed out. Why don't you pay attention to what you "claim" is important to you and we'll just keep taking over, being hot, kicking a-- and winning championships."