Dalton Castle on ROH Letting Him Grow


Dalton Castle on ROH Letting Him Grow

There are a number of wrestlers that love to wrestle in the indies. WWE is the largest wrestling promotion in America and they do not allow their wrestlers to grow unless the script says so. That is one of the reasons why many indie wrestlers do not want to join the WWE.

The WWE is known for destroying the careers’ of indie wrestlers. Dalton Castle is a member of Ring of Honor and he is quite famous. He is a YouTube star as well. The WWE showed interest in hiring Castle, but he turned them down a few times.

Castle wishes to stay at Ring of Honor and he spoke about it on WWL.Radio.com Castle stated that ROH let him grow on his own. This is something that WWE would probably not allow. "They let me grow on my own," revealed Dalton Castle.

"There's a good group of men and women in the locker room. I seem to get along with just about every one of them. I feel comfortable there. And it's the size of the promotion that allows me to connect really one-on-one with every individual fan.

If they choose to come to the meet-and-greets before the show, there's a moment for me to touch base with them there." "I'm attainable. All the wrestlers in Ring of Honor are attainable and are just as big of fans of this as anybody sitting in the seats."

Dalton Castle