Ivelisse on Working with the WWE in the Past

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Ivelisse on Working with the WWE in the Past

Ivelisse used for work for Lucha Underground. The was the Trios Champion at Lucha Underground. She recently spoke to Women’s Wrestling Weekly about her past experience working with the WWE. "It was awesome! It brought me a little back to Tough Enough because, boy, they wanna definitely push you to your limit and it was great experience too in the sense," Ivelisse said.

”It's all about teamwork, too; It is not just in ring stuff. I really liked and enjoyed how they focused on wanting to see people have a good attitude as a team player with other people. That was really cool to experience and particularly the group we had was a very, very elite stacked particular group....

The whole competition thing was there for sure but not to the point that where you would feel uncomfortable or anything like that. We were all very supportive of each other throughout the experience." Ivelisse also spoke on Twitter about Lucha Underground recently.

She stated that the promotion was holding her hostage using her contract. She stated that she was surprised by all of that as Ivelisse believed that LU was all about the trust between the higher-ups and the wrestlers that worked for the promotion.

Lucha Underground is not doing that well recently and many of their top talents have left the company. They are in fact struggling to survive these days.