Joey Mercury on ROH GM Greg Gilleland

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Joey Mercury on ROH GM Greg Gilleland

PWInsider recently reported that Joey Mercury was released by Ring of Honor. He is a professional wrestling veteran and was part of the WWE. He joined Ring of Honor in 2018. He was working at the company’s dojo. He was part of the creative team and even worked as a Producer.

We do not know why he was released and no official statement has been released. Mercury has been active on Twitter since then and spoke about what goes on behind the scenes. He spoke about the problems that he faced when he worked for ROH.

He also spoke about General Manager Greg Gilleland and how he treated the ROH wrestlers, the fans and the events. "Unsafe environment for Talent in and out of the ring," Mercury wrote. "No Security. No medical staff.

No Women on creative, worst looking wrestling on or off tv. No job description. Nothing in terms of anything I've suggested. Total BREACH on YOUR end- and everyone involved that bulls--t, non punctuation using, grammatical pigf-ck of a contract."

Joey stated that Shane Taylor will not stay with ROH after the 1st of January. Taylor and his family do not know about this. Mercury also shared messages of Gilleland in which he accused him of not being sober at shows and not treating Flip Gordon well after he dislocated his elbow. He didn’t even treat Jay Lethal well after Lethal broke his arm according to Mercury.