Matt Travis Dies After Traffic Accident

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Matt Travis Dies After Traffic Accident

Matt Travis was an indie wrestler. He used to work for various promotions in New York City. He recently passed away according to PWInsider. He was part of a traffic accident. Travis worked for House of Glory and Gamechanger Wrestling.

Amazing Red used to be his training partner. This is what he wrote on Twitter, “"I just can't. I don't understand life sometimes. I'm gonna try and pull it together for you today. I just want to see you! Talk to you!

I'm sorry. I love you Matty." Santana and Ortiz are two famous All Elite Wrestling stars. They dedicated their Full Gear match to Matt Travis which took place recently. Santana wrote, “Love you bro. Tonight is for you."

A number of indie wrestlers die every year. Some of them are not very well-known and we never hear about them. Many wrestlers also get injured during their matches and that instantly ends their careers. Many talented wrestlers never made it to the WWE because they got injured before they could make it to the WWE.

That is one of the reasons why not many people can wrestle professionally. It is something that requires a lot of strength and courage to do regularly. Many WWE wrestlers had to end their career quickly after sustaining a brutal injury.

Even former Divas Champion, Paige had to retire young as she could not wrestle after suffering a horrible neck injury that could have left her paralyzed.