Jeff Cobb Talks 2019 Goals

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Jeff Cobb Talks 2019 Goals

Jeff Cobb is one of the top wrestlers that ROH currently has. He is an experienced wrestler, that has wrestled for multiple promotions. Since the year is ending, ROH fans will be looking forward to seeing their stars in action next year.

Some of them take interest in their favorite wrestler’s personal goals. Jeff Cobb spoke to Newsarama recently in which he unveiled a few of his goals for 2019. When asked about how well he transitioned to his Matanza from Lucha Underground, he said: "Pretty much just getting comfortable working with the mask.

We'd tape for a few months then travel again and getting back to that was rough at times. It was fine though, but the breathing was difficult to adjust to after so long." He said that he would like to face “Kenny Omega.

Maybe, Cody”. In 2019. About his goals for 2019, he said: "Definitely one goal would be to be on the [ROH/NJPW] Supercard show during WrestleMania weekend. You can wrestle in arenas across the country, but the Garden is the Mecca.

I'm about to be in more New Japan tours and yeah, would love to be in the G1 [Climax]." ROH has a tough road ahead, as many of its top wrestlers will most likely leave the promotion at the end of this year.