Kelly Klien Talks about Her Issues with Ring of Honor

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Kelly Klien Talks about Her Issues with Ring of Honor

Many people are criticizing Ring of Honor for firing Kelly Klien. She was the Ring of Honor Women’s Champion. She recently shared her story on Newsweek. She spoke about the issues on it and stated that everything started with her head injury.

She suffered the injury on the 26th of October, during a match. She was with the company on a UK tour. "There was [no doctor] there to check on me," Klein said in the interview. "Nobody suggested a protocol. I wasn't aware or briefed on a protocol."

The arena in which she performed had a medical staff at hand. That is the reason why she received immediate attention. Kelly stated that this is alarming! According to her, a wrestling promotion should have medical staff available at all times.

The WWE and AEW has medical staff at ringside. Kelly was able to finish her match, but collapsed after she made her way to the backstage area. According to reports, she fell on the concrete floor and started speaking gibberish.

That is when her colleagues realized that she has sustained an injury. Kelly also suffered a concussion back in April 2018. It was similar to the injury that she recently suffered. Kelly stated that she received no treatment from Ring of Honor and that “nothing happened”. Kelly spoke about all of this with CEO Joe Koff. Koff allegedly told her that ROH does not have a concussion policy.