Tenille Dashwood Talks About her Shoulder Injury

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Tenille Dashwood Talks About her Shoulder Injury

Tenille Dashwood is one of the more well-known wrestlers on ROH and is dealing with a shoulder injury. She was Emma in the WWE. She recently spoke to Alicia Atout, a backstage Impact interviewer, about her condition and her psoriasis.

"Good actually, it's been almost six weeks now,” she said when giving an update on her shoulder injury. “I've had a huge improvement. Over the last week or two, I can kind of use my arm otherwise I was in a sling.

So I can take it off now and straighten my arm. I can't lift it up. It's going to be a long process about six months in total when I'm finished. I'll be better than I have in a long time, so it's worth it in the end."

About her skin condition, psoriasis, and wrestling with it, she said: "It was painful. People don't realize that it's painful either. I guess when you have an extreme case, it almost feels like burns all over your skin.

It got to the point where I started wearing-you probably can look back at photos from the last few months, you'll see me. I started wearing extra stockings, fishnet stockings on top of that. So, I had like two or three layers over my legs covering all those spots that were everywhere.

I wore t-shirts in all my matches because my stomach and everything was covered. My arms, I couldn't cover because I didn't have the right gear for it. So you can probably see on some photos the spots I had on my arms.

They were like red coals, like burns. That's how the rest of my body was. "But yeah it can get to the point where it can crack or bleed. I would have to have baths to soothe the pain. It's a whole process. Basically, I stayed home for a few weeks trying to take care of myself and ease it up a little.

It can get really severe and people didn't realize it either. It's good that people have a good understanding of these conditions."