TJP on WWE Micro-management

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TJP on WWE Micro-management

TJ Perkins is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. He was present for an “Ask Me Anything” chat on Reddit which is also known as AMA Chat. The fans can ask the wrestlers whatever they want. TJP quit WWE in February.

He spoke about his departure and what goes on behind the scenes. He is currently working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He even compared the two locker rooms. Many hardcore fans know that the WWE does not let its wrestlers create a match themselves.

TJP spoke about how he had to speak about matches with the creative team way before he actually went out to perform. If his words are to be believed, it seems that the WWE has a lot of micro-management going on. “Early in the day your producer sits down with you and a sheet of paper and insists you tell them every single move you will do and what part of the ring you will do it in.

I've asked constantly, especially as a 20 year guy from an older generation with a lot of experience at every level, why that's necessary and why do they ask us to be able to "feel it out there" or etc when they don't want that at all.

They never have a real answer for that”. Other wrestling promotions let the wrestlers do whatever they want in the ring. They usually talk to one another during a match and perform moves in sync with each other.