Silas Young to Stay With ROH

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Silas Young to Stay With ROH

Many fans thought that Silas Young would sign with the WWE at the end of this year. However, he has recently signed a new deal with Ring of Honor which will last for three years despite saying that working for WWE is his ‘dream’.

The 39 year old wrestler talked to PWInsider about the whole deal recently. He talked about being loyal to ROH, having spent five years with the promotion. "The wrestling scene now is super-hot right now and I'm a big believer in loyalty.

Ring of Honor gave me an opportunity five-six years back and every opportunity I've been given since, I've succeeded with," Young said. "I'm the type of guy that likes to stick with the team that brought me to the table, to stick with the team that believed in me from the get-go.

I'm really happy to announce I am staying with Ring of Honor." When he was talking to PWInsider, he admitted that working for WWE is a dream job for most wrestlers around the world. "To be quite honest with you," Young explained, "The idea of WWE for every guy is a dream for everybody who's ever wrestled or starts wrestling, they have that dream.

I won't lie, it was my dream. It was my goal, but at some point, as you grow and you mature as a person, the wrestler realizes that that top of the mountain, the peak, isn't always the top of the mountain or it's not that shiny. I'm really happy with the decision I've made."