The Young Bucks Receive Heat from Fans

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The Young Bucks Receive Heat from Fans

Since 2013, The Young Bucks have been working for New Japan. Before that, The Young Bucks were working for Ring of Honor. Their contract is expiring at the end of this year, and many fans are expecting them to end up in WWE with Cody Rhodes somewhere in 2019.

Many people may believe that The Young Bucks joining the WWE is a good thing. But The Young Bucks believe that joining the WWE might actually be a step back for them, as they have achieved so much in the wrestling business without being signed with the WWE and using its platform.

Matt and Nick Jackson recently spoke about this on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast and how they have managed to change the wrestling landscape. "It's hard to take it all in because we are currently living through it so we don't know the exact effects," said Nick.

"But like you said, the fans and the boys tell you and you read about it, which is humbling, but at the same time it is hard to accept how giant the impact has been. "I feel like we are pretty self-aware of what we cultivate and created these last few years especially because we are at the forefront of this, and I think that I see a lot of the boys and the fans look to my brother and I as a symbol of hope that anyone can do it if these two guys can do it.

We had our struggles and ups and downs but we never really had to sell out. We did it 'Do It Yourself.' I feel like we are a big symbol of doing it for yourself. For getting the job done and never having to actually go to someone to convince some guy that we are good; we know that we are good.

That is a powerful thing to have." Nick also mentioned that the fans didn’t like the idea of them joining the WWE: "We noticed a lot of fans were turning on us because they look to us as influencers, and as a sign of hope, so when rumors were circulating [about going to the WWE] and they still are to be honest, it breaks their hearts," stated Nick.