Manabu Nakanishi on Wrestling at Tokyo Dome

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Manabu Nakanishi on Wrestling at Tokyo Dome

Manabu Nakanishi made his NJPW debut in 1992. He is one of NJPW’s best wrestlers of all time. NJPW is known for producing some of the greatest wrestlers of all-time. Manabu is one of them. Manabu is currently 52 years old, and he will retire next month.

He will be missed as he is a legendary wrestler. Besides wrestling for NJPW, Manabu also wrestled for the WCW for a while. His contract will expire in January, but NJPW will extend his contract up to February to help him fulfil his dream of retiring in February.

He probably wrestled his last match at the Tokyo Dome this year at Wrestle Kingdom 14. "It had been a while since I'd been in the Tokyo Dome and I wanted to take the time," Nakanishi stated. "When I was young I didn't do any of that, making my way around, touching hands.

But the last few years I started to like doing that, and I wanted to here. Maybe I might touch hands with some kid who'd be inspired to become a wrestler themselves some day. Before my 40s, I was quite curt with the fans, but lately I've enjoyed taking time with them."

"I came here because I know that NJPW is the best, and that's always been the case," Nakanishi went on to say. "Whoever they put in front of me, it'll be the best match there is. That's what I want and that's what I'm focused on."