Flip Gordon on Nick Aldis in ROH

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Flip Gordon on Nick Aldis in ROH

Ring of Honor had a fantastic 2019. They produced some great wrestlers and also had some exciting shows. Just like most indie promotions, they too lost some of their best superstars last year. Unfortunately, indie promotions cannot pay their wrestlers as well as WWE can.

Most superstars leave their indie promotions as soon as the WWE shows interest in them. Some prefer to say, but that is super rare. Most wrestlers want at least one run in the WWE. Flip Gordon is a famous indie professional wrestler who is currently working for Ring of Honor.

Ring of Honor is known for producing great wrestlers. The famous Nick Aldis also had a few matches in ROH. Nick is the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Gordon spoke about Nick. He spoke about how he feels to have a talented wrestler such as Nick around.

"I don't like it. He came into our house unexpected and uninvited. Me and Marty made a trip down to NWA that didn't end well for me as I lost to Nick Aldis at Hard Times," said Gordon. "Hopefully Marty can rebound for us but it was a cool experience to be there.

Being a part of Villain Enterprises has given me a lot of leverage as not only were we able to make a pitstop at NWA, but we were able to make a pitstop at Northeast Wrestling where I picked up a victory over Brian Pillman Jr.

Being with Villain Enterprises and being with Marty, the boss, there's literally no limit for us so it's gonna be awesome."