Matt Taven on Dalton Castle Fight


Matt Taven on Dalton Castle Fight

Matt Taven is all set to face Dalton Castle at ROH Final Battle in the coming few weeks. Matt Taven has been going out saying that he is the true ROH World Champion and the title belt that he carries is the actual title belt.

Some people do not share his thoughts and at a recent WINCLY podcast he was asked whether a win against Dalton Castle would make his title even more legit than it actually is in his eyes and in the eyes of the fans. "For me, no.

But if it wants to be validated in other people's eyes, sure," Taven said. "I'm just a fighting, defending champion and I came to Dalton and challenged him. I put my title on the line – that's the kind of heroic man that I am." Taven also commented on Dalton’s Castle condition and states that he thinks Castle might not be a 100% in the ring during their fight.

Castle has suffered numerous injuries recently. "We don't know what we're getting ourselves into when the guy comes back from injury so we want to see what he has," Taven said of Castle. "If you just look at Dalton, he's wrapped up like a mummy.

He moves like an old lady. He looks like he's falling apart. This guy should have not come back from injury this early and, unfortunately, I'm gonna put him right back on the shelf…"

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