Crowbar on Appearing for ROH

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Crowbar on Appearing for ROH

Crowbar is a former WCW Hardcore Champion. He was present during the Attitude Era, and was very well known for his strong style of wrestling. Crowbar is still quite active, even though he is not working for a big promotion. We have not seen him work for either WWE or AEW.

Crowbar used to perform at indie promotions from time to time. Recently, he appeared during a battle royal at ROH’s Free Enterprise. Flip Gordon was the winner of that event. Crowbar spoke about the appearance on Wrestling Inc.

"I've kinda been off the grid for a while and a lot of people thought I retired," said Crowbar. "I'll give a brief history of what happened. WCW ends and there was a company called WWWA in Australia and I did that.

I had a few dark matches with WWE but didn't get picked up. I made a few appearances with TNA but didn't get picked up. I made a few calls here and there and I always tell people to never give up their dreams. Always work hard at something you're passionate about, but I also believe you've got to be realistic too."

Crowbar revealed that he knew he was no longer needed in the professional wrestling industry. "I f***ing love wrestling. Call me a mark as it's not PC for a wrestler to expose his passion for the business. But I f***ing love wrestling.

I didn't need to wrestle as I was running a business but I still wrestled once or twice a month,” stated Crowbar.