Ring of Honor’s Flip Gordon on Resuming ROH Shows

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Ring of Honor’s Flip Gordon on Resuming ROH Shows

Ring of Honor’s (ROH) famous superstar, Flip Gordon spoke about ROH shows recently on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. Ring of Honor (ROH) has to stop doing shows ever since the pandemic started. Absolutely no gatherings are allowed during the pandemic.

Only a few wrestling promotions are able to hold shows in empty arenas. Flip Gordon spoke about resuming shows on the podcast. It has been three months since Ring of Honor’s (ROH) last wrestling show.

Flip Gordon on ROH Shows Ending

"We're just waiting on the precautions.

Obviously, it's different state-to-state right now. But Marty is very good at thinking on the fly and he's got something very special planned that I think a lot of people are gonna love," teased Gordon. "I don't wanna give away too much because it's not my baby to give away."

He also spoke about his current position in ROH. Before all ROH shows were called off, Gordon won a 20-man Battle Royal. That gave him the right to fight for the ROH World Title in the future. The pandemic started at a time when he could have fought for the ROH world title.

He believes that he is in a good position though. "If anything, it gives me the advantage because I dealt with this last year but it just wasn't COVID as it was injuries," said Gordon. "Now, everyone else is at home on our roster and we're starting at zero.

I'm staying hungry, working out and doing everything I can to get the edge on. Because as soon as we come back, guess what? I'm still the No. 1 contender so I've gotta be ready. If I'm not, then the only person I can blame is myself."

Ring of Honor became really popular about two years ago. They had some of the most popular indie stars working for them, including Cody Rhodes. These days, they are struggling as most of their famous superstars are no longer with them but Flip Gordon is still with the company.

Rhodes has since branched out and formed his own wrestling company, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) that has gained quite a fan following. In addition, AEW is also giving stiff competition to WWE.