Dalton Castle selects his favourite opponents


Dalton Castle selects his favourite opponents

According to the rumors, Dalton Castle could soon arrive in WWE. In an interview with Bill Apter, the current Ring of Honor superstar discussed this topic. “Of course I’ve heard those rumors,” Castle said. “Who wouldn’t be interested in Dalton Castle? I think about them a lot.

It is a big world out there. I don’t know what to say to you Bill, you want the scoop? I got a lucrative offer from WCW and I’m thinking about taking it. "I wrestled through the NCAA’s and I had a theater degree when I graduated, and all my friends were wrestlers.

They go, ‘Hey, maybe the mix of the two things you’re doing is probably where you should be.’ I hung around it for over ten years and was like, maybe through osmosis I’ve learned something, so I’ll give it a whirl”.

On his favourite opponents: “I remember one of my favorite people to wrestle were Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong early on,” Castle continued. “Jay Lethal, I’ve never not enjoyed being in the ring with that man.

"I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention last night, we had a big PPV and I had a one-on-one match with Matt Taven. The outcome wasn’t what I really wanted but I look back and I’m really proud of the performance we gave out there, and that might have been one of my favorite matches”.

Dalton Castle