ROH Star Sledge Speaks About Staying Sober

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ROH Star Sledge Speaks About Staying Sober

Sledge is a brand new Ring of Honor Wrestler, and he recently spoke about staying sober even though he was tempted many times. Ring of Honor will start programming soon and they will have new faces. Sledge wrestled for nine years for various wrestling promotions before being signed by Ring Of Honor.

Unfortunately the pandemic hit soon after he signed. He is making his way to TV. ROH has vignettes and videos to promote him. He spoke about it on the Wrestling Inc. Daily "They played the first one. I know they are getting ready to show the second one," he said.

"We're getting ready to film the third one in the next couple of weeks. From what I understand, that is when we're going full force with me." Sledge also knows the importance of entrance music. He stated that entrance music can really change the entire mood of the arena.

He also stated that he loved CM Punk’s “The Fire Burns” entrance music. "Entrance music is everything to a point. That's what lets people know who you are and what you're about," he said. "When I was coming up with the persona of Sledge, I actually played in a metal band before I got into wrestling.

I played drums, and they called me 'The Hammer.' I don't want to lose 'The Hammer,' so I just turned it into Sledge. Sledge needed a branding I thought, which is where the 'Metal Head Maniac' came from.

"Music and wrestling go hand-in-hand. Some of the best professional wrestlers have the best music, especially with what WWE is doing now with NXT. They are more like the metal group of what WWE is, having Lzzy Hale come in and Nita Strauss.

Then on WrestleMania, they would always have Limp Bizkit and Saliva. My new entrance music I'm using for Ring of Honor was made for me and produced for me as well. Not going to have generic metal music. It's going to be something written for me."

ROH Star Sledge Speaks About Staying Sober

He stated that he will use his real life story to inspire people. He had to fight through depression and alcoholism at one point in his life, but he came out stronger at the other end.

"When you are new to a company like Ring of Honor and want to get in with the boys and show them, 'Hey man, I'm a cool dude. The boys after matches maybe will like to get together and hang out. The temptation is there, but I know that all the hard work that got me to where I am today.

If that's what I have to get in with you, that's not the people I want to be around, " Sledge said. "Honestly, Ring of Honor is not like that in any way, shape or form. The locker room is absolutely fantastic. I can't ask for a better group of guys to be around. I would give any of them the shirt off my back."