Jeff Cobb clarifies rumours about signing with Ring of Honor

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Jeff Cobb clarifies rumours about signing with Ring of Honor

Jeff Cobb transitioned from amateur to pro wrestling by way of an Olympics. So, what does the future hold for the 36-year-old who has been around the professional wrestling block? In an interview with Uproxx, Cobb shared about his journey and how his career has evolved through the years.

Cobb, who represented his native Guam at the 2004 Athens Olympics, spoke about the rumour that he had signed with Ring of Honor. Clarifying he stated, "Internet websites. Don’t get me started on that. Those guys were like, “Oh hey, Jeff Cobb signed with ROH?” Really, I did? I wish I would have known.

That would’ve been great. But yeah, some people say I signed. When I called them out on it they said, 'No, Dave Meltzer said you did.' I was like, 'No, Dave Meltzer didn’t say I did. He said I’m working with them.'

There’s a difference between working and signing with them." Then, speaking about his time as a part of the MMA he shared, "That was tough. When you’re doing like the quote-unquote shoot, amateur wrestling you’re taught not to show weakness because, like, if my arm hurts, and I’m in a match, the guy’s going to go after my arm, or if my calves are cramping up or whatever, they’re going to go after my weakness and exploit it."

Elaborating, he also correlated parallels with the UFC as well. "Same thing with UFC. If you punch someone in the eye and their eye swells you’re going to attack that side because they can’t see. So that’s the same thing, but on the tail end of that, in pro wrestling, if you’re, like, hurt, instead of toughing up and not showing the weakness you’re going to exploit it and be that much more over the top about my arm or my leg or whatnot, so that was definitely the hard part of the transition to pro wrestling to the quote-unquote selling side of it was very foreign to me."

Cobb turned professional in 2009 and was a part of the Lucha Underground for about three years, between 2015-18. He has also wrestled for the New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Progress Wrestling.