Cody Rhodes on AEW Fans Being Kicked Out By WWE

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Cody Rhodes on AEW Fans Being Kicked Out By WWE

All Elite Wrestling is a brand new promotion that is led by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. The promotion belongs to Tony Khan and they recently held a rally at Jacksonville. Their rally was called ‘Double or Nothing’ and they announced their roster during it.

It was reported by fans on social media that anyone wearing an AEW shirt was either kicked out or turned from the door by the WWE. So fans wearing anything related to AEW couldn’t enter for the recent Smackdown Live event.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes responded by saying: "I mean, we like blew up the whole sky right across the street from their building," Cody said relating to the massive fireworks show that they had. "But you can't throw people [out].

If people part with their money to get tickets, you can't turn them away." "I'm happy if they got back in," stated Brandi. "I know a procedure a lot of times is if there's something that you can't show [on your shirt], they turn it inside out or you put it down.

As long as they comply, I hope they stay in and enjoy the show." Cody also stated that he knows that WWE’s hold at Jacksonville isn’t strong and it would be a mistake on the WWE’s part to turn away fans.

“I bet it's isolated," said Cody. "I can't see them going full-court press: no AEW merch inside and if they did that's a mistake because Jacksonville, for WWE and the shows I've been, it's been a soft market.

It's not a market that they've regularly sold out, so if you've got fans parting with their money, you're an idiot to turn them away."