Brandi Rhodes on Equal Pay

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Brandi Rhodes on Equal Pay

The top wrestling promotions of the world have a men’s division and a woman’s division. Throughout history, the male wrestlers have always earned more than female wrestlers. This can be due to the fact that female wrestlers didn’t possess much value in the professional wrestling industry in the past.

Times are changing and now woman’s wrestling is taken very seriously. All Elite Wrestling held their Double Or Nothing Rally this Tuesday, a small distance away from the building where Smackdown Live was taking place.

It was held at Jacksonville. The Chief Brand Officer of AEW, Brandi Rhodes, spoke about the AEW women’s division during the rally. She stated that AEW female wrestlers will be paid just as much as the male wrestlers. Brandi Rhodes also stated that AEW will have no sliding scale.

She stated that AEW cares about their female talent. Cody Rhodes agreed with her and he is the Executive Vice President of the promotion. Later on Twitter, she stated that everyone will be getting paid equally at AEW and their position will not be considered.

Rhodes wrote, "Equal pay means equal opportunity regardless of gender. It does not mean that everyone will be paid the exact same salary regardless of their position. It means the gender pay gap does not apply. An entry level woman won't make less than an entry level man because of her gender."