Jericho’s Contract Details and Fight for AJ Styles

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Jericho’s Contract Details and Fight for AJ Styles

According to reports, Chris Jericho’s contract with AEW is for 3 years. This report is by Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Radio. It was also noted that Jericho stated that the contract with AEW is the best of his career.

Jericho talked to the WWE a while back alongside the AEW. Jericho’s decision to sign with AEW was probably all of a sudden, as he was talking to both companies. AEW simply offered a better contract to Jericho. The contract allows Jericho to work with other promotions, including New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

AEW and WWE are battling each other and trying to sign the best talents. AEW might sign current WWE wrestlers as soon as their contracts expire. Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks know most of the WWE wrestlers personally, so that might help AEW get them on board.

AEW might try to sign AJ Styles in the near future, as his contract with the WWE is going to expire. According a report by Meltzer, AEW might be able to offer AJ Styles a better deal, and AJ Styles actual needs that. He is 42 now, and he needs to work with a company that can offer him an easier schedule and a good amount of money. AJ Styles is one of the top WWE wrestlers and is currently in a very good position.