Crowbar on The Goal of Rescue Mania

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Crowbar on The Goal of Rescue Mania

Crowbar is a former WCW wrestler and has his own indie promotion called Rescue Mania. He talked about his promotion on a recent episode of the WINCLY podcast. He stated that he wants to bring back old-school wrestling, which was purely for entertainment and not meant for adults.

Crowbar is also a physical therapist and has worked with plenty of famous indie wrestlers over the past few years. "It's a very different product, and here's where I'm going," Ford said. "A lot of the product today is getting more realistic like with Ring of Honor.

WWE is even more adult – you have guys that are characters but the outlandish costumes aren't there. It's more serious, more adult-oriented. "We try to model [Rescue Mania] after the early Nitros, maybe even late 1980s stuff.

You had guys that looked like characters and were larger than life... Everyone has somewhat of a character and you have the bigger guys on top. It's worked so far. Our audience is mainly kids and families and we've had a positive response.

"I've had many parents come up to me and say, 'My kid loved it. They were so engaged. They were yelling at the ref. It really reminded me of the wrestling that we grew up watching.' And that's what our goal is." Rescue Mania’s first event was held in 2017.